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Established in 2018, Mývatn Car Rental is a small, local car rental in the Mývatn area, aimed to service tourists and locals in the area. In order to service as much as needed, additional services were established. These services include providing a tow truck service to assist stranded cars, a car mechanic shop when something is broken, and the possibility of cleaning the road-dirt off after a fun trip. 

We at Mývatn Car Rental find it extremely important to assist our customers when in trouble so you can have the nicest vacation and a great time in Iceland. 

That is why we stay ready at hand, at your service 24/7. 

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"This company was awesome!

They are sooooo much better than a normal car rental place. First off, they were available late in the evening which was great.

Second, they were flexible with the time period because I had a unique situation I was dealing with.

Third, they stayed in touch with me via email when I had questions or concerns. Last but not least, they hooked me up with a great car (with good gas mileage) for a good price.

I highly recommend this company!!"

You can find us here! 
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